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:: comment by guest- 2008-11-12 ::

SOSB 80LP or 40m (A)HP @ home

--Posted by guest: DL1REM;

:: comment by VR2YYW- 2008-11-18 ::

Multi-Something from G6PZ (w/ M0CLW and others);

:: comment by guest- 2008-11-24 ::

SOSB LP 40m . Just for fun, no good station available at the moment. Clubstation is QRT for an unknown period so I will use my Antenna at home. gl all!

--Posted by guest: dj7ec;

:: comment by KC8BLL- 2008-11-25 ::

Excellent guys. My last day at work, then picking up Gerry GI0RTN and going up to M6T. I will see you all on the air then and GL to all. ;

:: comment by DJ1YFK- 2008-11-26 ::

SOSB 40m HP - goal is to break the DL record, but it'll be really hard.;

:: comment by ON8JU- 2008-11-28 ::

M/S as DA3A 73' Chris, DL7CS / DA3A.;

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